Love Painted in Lies

Love Painted in Lies – is a laugh-out-loud feel-good comedy “that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like they don’t quite fit in.”  (Quote from Nada on Goodreads)

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Yes, this is a really funny book… But this book also captures an incredibly important message about inclusion… I found parts of this book incredibly sad as the experiences of someone “different” struggled to get along within the rails of “normal” expectations. So, yes, people can read it for a genuine laugh but I also hope people will take a moment to reflect on inclusion, difference and judgement,

Minty is this talented artist who is afraid to express through her art her uniqueness. She thinks is easier to copy someone else’s art instead expressing herself and maybe being judged wrongly or rejected by her own father and the rest of the world. Due to this wrongly misconceptions and fears, she gets entangled with the mafia, police and even imprisoned for fraud…. The story was well written, the characters well defined and the plot crazy and hilarious which reminded me of the Chavy Chase’s movies a bit.

Love Painted in Lies – So so funny. I laughed out loud a few times. The book presents a strong-minded but very caring woman in her mid-thirties who did some art forgeries in her youth and whose past finally seems to catch up with her….
How she interacts with the people in her life while dealing with the criminal underworld and simultaneously the police is hilarious…. However, there are also more serious topics like dealing with being different, grievance, and bullying….

A Rip Roaring Romp of a story!
This book was not what I expected, but it made me laugh out loud many times, whilst reading.
I loved the story, which was a treat to read. The cast of characters involved were so well drawn that I could picture them – and would pay to watch if this is ever made into a film. If I could award it more than 5 stars, I would in an instant….

Love Painted in Lies is an absolute gem of a book, blending humour, mystery, and heart-warming moments into a delightful British comedy romp. Minty’s return to Maida Vale is filled with chaos, from raising twins to dealing with an Old English Sheepdog and navigating the complexities of London school admissions. Yet, amidst the mayhem, there’s an intriguing mystery lurking in the background, adding an extra layer of excitement to the story.

The characters are wonderfully crafted, and Minty’s journey is both relatable and thoroughly entertaining. The addition of a mysterious stranger adds a touch of intrigue and romance, keeping readers hooked until the very end. I found Minty’s struggles and triumphs to be incredibly relatable, and I’m sure many others will feel the same.

Overall, “Love Painted in Lies” is a hilarious adventure that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like they don’t quite fit in. With its witty dialogue, clever plot twists, and charming characters, this book is an absolute joy to read. Highly recommended!

I’ve been waiting forever to read something new from Holly Denham and this didn’t disappoint. Although very different from the Holly’s Inbox books it’s equally as brilliant…

I wish there were more books written that were set in England. The characters were well-developed and described. The novel is an enjoyable, easy-to-read witty piece of writing…

Love Painted in Lies – What a great crazy-fun-mystery! Absolutely loved Minty… Everything about this book is different….

This book had ENERGY! There is never a pause really. The humour is consistently on point throughout the story. The characters are engaging and quirky, which I personally adore….
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Minty’s return to Maida Vale in Love Painted in Lies is more than just the daily chaos of raising twins, managing multiple Old English Sheepdogs, and juggling school runs while caring for her aging parents. Her life is overshadowed by whispers of her involvement in a family art forgery ring that once duped the London elite.

The eyes of the law are fixed on Minty, convinced she’s back to uncover the secrets about a legendary missing painting. She must convince them she’s back for a fresh start. But is she hiding more than she reveals, or is her return an honest attempt to repaint her life’s canvas?

Amidst all this, a mysterious stranger steps into her already turbulent world, bringing a hint of intrigue and the possibility of romance. Is the stranger a stroke of fate or a ghost from her past? While managing these challenges, Minty also navigates the cut-throat world of London school admissions, where church attendance is more strategic than spiritual.

With gangsters pursuing her and love knocking on her door, Minty’s journey is a hilarious adventure where art, secrets and reality comically collide in Maida Vale.