About Us

Holly’s Inbox all began with a simple idea—an unconventional narrative told entirely through emails on a website. Thousands of people were messaged and told this could be LIVE inbox which may have been posted to the web from someone working in a bank. You could actually see the emails being sent and received.

Our servers crashed.

We were uploading a story in real-time, a story inspired by the life we had led with all the true anecdotes colouring our lives, including many real characters and true situations which were going on at that moment (with parents and a sister living in Spain). Then Bill began weaving in every day events. And it was a lot of fun! 

The BBC called us up one day and asked us if it was real or not, and we carried the story on for three months. The live audience taught Bill to write, with the figures going up and down depending on whether it was a dull day or a day of intrigue. Without that instant feedback it would never have happened, so thank you!

After two books published there has been a long 15 year break between. At the start of the pandemic we both began writing this time. But this time a novel, not just a novel of emails. We hope you enjoy the chemistry we created between us.

And together we produced Minty four years later.

The parents in the novel, are characters based closely on Bill’s parents and there are pictures of them in this site.

We wish we had more than three to give you – however if the latest one is received well we can begin on Minty’s sequel.

As a couple, our lives are as intertwined and full of adventure as the characters in our novels. Our journey began in the scenic locale of Maida Vale, where for twenty years, we felt part of the fabric of a community that has inspired our tales of love, laughter, and the peculiarities of daily life.

Now residing in the cheerful village of Mayfield, our days are filled with long walks in the woods, accompanied by our three beloved dogs: Paddington, Muffin—the notorious duo known as the Krays in Paddington Recreation Ground—and our gentle giant St. Bernard, Womble.

Our life together has been described as ‘A scramble of mischief and mayhem.’
And thank you for coming to our site